Carinthia Panoramic Roads Ticket

Carinthia’s best panoramic roads for motorcycle riders are now accessible by way of a pre-booked ticket, the so-called Carinthia Panoramic Roads Ticket.

The Großglockner High-Alpine Road, the Nockalm Road, the Villach Alpine Road, the Goldeck Panoramic Road and the Malta High-Pasture Road are included in this ticket. One ticket comprises four sections, each road corresponding to one section (exception: Großglockner High-Alpine Road, two sections).

You can purchase the affordable Carinthia Panoramic Road Ticket exclusively at all ARGE Motorradland Kärnten Hotels for the preferential price of just € 41,50. This offers savings of up to 23% compared to the total individual prices for the toll roads.

More information at:
Tel.: +43(0)463/3000, e-mail:  

Weather today, 18. January 2021

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