Construction of a medieval castle in Friesach

We are building a castle. In order to answer the question of how such monumental buildings like castles, churches and town walls were built during the Middle Ages, a new castle is being built in Friesach with medieval methods only.

Once our visitors are passing through the wooden gates of our contruction site, they are being transported into a time long passed.

Juergen Mueller
Burgbau Friesach

Juergen Mueller
Burgbau Friesach

Emira Husidic; © Kärnten Werbung
Burgbau in Friesach in Mittelkärnten

In order to construct the castle our construction workers are using man- and horsepower only. They are using old handcraftsmanship techniques and are working with natural raw materials like stone, lime, sand and water only.


Erlebnis Burgbau Friesach
Fürstenhofplatz 1
9360 Friesach
+43 4268 2213-18 

Opening hours

April to October

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