Adventure park Tscheppaschlucht

Trees, steel cables, footbridge, bars, suspensions bridges, carabiners - visit of the Adventure park is new experience for whole family.

  • 87 different attractions
  • 8 different track levels
  • 2 spectacular Flying Foxes (300 meters long) – the longest Flying Fox in Austria
  • suspended 1–14 m above the ground

Family Adventure park in Tscheppaschlucht is a park of unique challenges. It is set up in the natural environment of trees. And this is what gives it a special allure. Healthily spend day in nature with lots of fun for everybody – children and adults, singles, couples, whole family, with friends or in groups. If you are looking for a fantastic fun day outdoor you should visit new Adventure park - Waldseilpark Tscheppaschlucht.


Waldseilpark Tscheppaschlucht
Parkplatz Tscheppaschlucht
9163 Unterbergen
+43 664 135 57 43



Opening hours

April to October

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